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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a local insurance association representing Mobile, Baldwin and Washington Counties. The member agencies you see listed on this website are held to a higher standard of integrity and ethical performance. As an association, we promote insurance education among our members and encourage greater public understanding of the insurance industry and the Independent Agent system.

Why Choose and Independent Agent?

With an independent agent, you have a multitude of choices; whereas with a captive agent or direct writer you have only one choice: the company they work for. An independent agent, unlike a captive or direct writer, is contracted with several different insurance companies.They have the ability to compare different products and present you with the one that best suits your needs at a competitive price. By representing multiple insurance companies, an independent agent can combine various insurance company products enabling him/her to create a program tailored specifically for you. This will address your risk exposures while not foregoing any key coverages simply because one insurance company doesn’t offer them.


April 26, 2018 -- Annual Spring Crawfish Boil     

September 6, 2018 -- 4th Annual Coastal Bay Bash

November 7, 2018 -- 6th Annual Turkey Indoor Golf Competition

December 6, 2018 -- Annual Business Lunch Meeting

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